Greetsiel ± 14 kilometres away

The charming and idyllic fishing village of Greetsiel is part of the Lower Saxon town of Krummhörn in the district of Aurich. It impresses with its picturesque gabled houses dating back to the 17th century. Special about this town is its 600-year-old harbor, with a berth of about 25 shrimp boats. With a bit of luck, you will get some freshly caught northern sea shrimps directly from the cutter. The two twin mills offer a further excursion destination – they are the landmark of Greetsiel. There is a tearoom and a shop in the mills. Almost nowhere East Frisia is more typical and quieter than in Greetsiel. Here you will find gulfyards, windmills and chieftains – and additional there is one of the most famous lighthouses in Germany – the Pilsum Lighthouse.

Recommended cycling and hiking trails in the region of Greetsiel

Route to Greetsiel

From the campsite along the dike to Greetsiel

Round route to Norden/Norddeich

From the campsite passing Greetsiel towards Norden/Norddeich

Restaurant tips

Our restaurant tips around the campsite

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4th May – 1st November 2020

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