Opening Times

25th March – 1st November 2020

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Camping way


Length: 7,5 km

The camping way is a small, cozy hiking trail for relaxing. Enjoy undisturbed fresh air at the North Sea and turn off. Partially you run below sea level.

Lighthouse way


Length: 11 km

From the campsite, this path leads along the dike to the highest lighthouse in Germany. It stands on three steel pillars and is 65 meters high. In suitable weather, visitors can climb the tower and enjoy a spectacular view of the region and the Wattenmeer National Park.

Route to Manslagt


Length: 15 km

From the campsite you follow this route along the dike towards the east to the dreamy village of Manslagt, which was built on a hill for protection from storm surges. Further south you will reach the Osterburg in Groothusen. This highly medieval water castle is worth a visit.

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